City manager

Are you City Manager candidate?
A great opportunity with good income potential for a capable person. City Manager work from home or from own work facilities, the work is done online and working hours are flexible.

City manager
We are looking for business partner who can work independently and build a team of local sales representatives who sell breakthrough inexpensive five days stem cells therapy. 

Skills of City Manager
  - Can work independently
  - Internet and computer skills
  - Good human relations
  - Show initiative and organized


How to recruit sales representative
   - Advertise for sales representative locally, see idea for ad   
   - Interview candidates   
   - Recruit sales representatives  
   - Be supportive for sales team  

Our mission
We’re here to help people feel better, look younger and lead more joyful lives. We do this through exotic and breakthrough wellness products that tap into the body’s natural energy and resiliency, and through business opportunities that inspire personal and professional fulfillment.   

We are indipendend distributors

We are independent distributors team who have developed very effective sales metode, our mission is to help millions of people world wide with our breakthough and clinically tested X39™ patch and the five days stragety

Our newest product (photobio-modulation technology)
Is a patented photo-therapy patch called X39™. The purpose of X39™ is to activate the body's own stem cells, it is a science breakthough and clinically tested but we do not make medical claims.  The customer will experience  the most dramatic anti-aging and rejuvenation product of our time. Benefits can be immediate, unlike most products, our product goes to work the minute the customer apply it. Most users feel within the first week more energy, better sleep, pain relief, less inflammation then when weeks pass on they talk about better skin and the list goes on and on.

Autoship business
The stem cell patch X39™ is designed to keep the body's stem sells active while we age, think about it already in the age of 35 y.o. the effect have declined 50%, X39™ change this dramatically. The best result is long term use, therefore is our business model preferred customer on autoship. 

Our five days sales stragety
As you perhaps see in the term photo/bio/modulation/theraphy it does not sound easy to understand instantly. Usually it take well trained distributor 40 minutes to have proper presentation before prospect decide to enroll as preferred customer on autoship.   

We solve this challange in this five days stragety mission.  We sell five days theraphy with five days educational email serie who inform the customers all about X39. This stragety does it possible to reach to the mass market by many great benefits, see closer the sales process salaes represants

Commission is paid weekly
   - Be Diamond and recruit sales representatives and get up to $500
   - City Manager get commission from all sales and autoships in his organization,
see complan in detail
   - Volume is calculated from special rules,  $99.95 autoship order give CM $3.9 (max 25K weekly)
   - 20% to 25% extra bonus is payed from sales volume income from city managers and sales representatives.

More information
About  X39 stem cell activation,  open to see

About the producent LifeWave,  open to see

About the compensation plan,  open to see

About the science and clinical studies,  open to see

About City Managers,  open to see

About Sales Representatives,  open to see

Best regards,
LifeWave indebendent distributor

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